How to Deal with Unwanted Pregnancies

Unwanted pregnancies are spontaneous or undesirable and unplanned for. Unwanted or unintended pregnancies may likewise result from sexual assaults or incest. Sexual intercourse without the utilization of contraception through decision or intimidation is the dominating reason for unwanted pregnancies.

Unintended pregnancy: Results and answers.

Unintended pregnancy is an overall issue that influences ladies, their families and society. Unintended pregnancy can result from non-utilization of preventative administrations and less regularly, assault. Unintended pregnancies result in about 42 million premature births every year around the world. In the United States, over 92% of premature births are the consequence of unintended pregnancy.

Despite the reason, unintended pregnancy and its negative results can be avoided by:

  • Total abstinence.
  • Use of contraceptives: If you are sexually active and do not want to get pregnant, always use contraception. Contraceptives for females include female condom, diaphragm, oral contraceptives, depo-provera, implants (such as Norplant or Implanon), copper-iud, Hormonal-IUD, female sterilization (done surgically and a permanent form of contraception). Contraceptives for males are: condoms, male sterilization (also known as vasectomy).
  • Birth control options from licensed experts or specialists.

Be that as it may, unwanted pregnancies happen constantly. So being conscious of this circumstance mentally will ideally enable you to settle on the best choice for the rest of your life.

N.B: No method of contraception gives 100% protection, some of the contraceptives have side effects. The male latex condom is the only contraceptive considered highly effective in reducing the risk of sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s). Birth control pills, Implant and IUDs do not protect against STD infection.

Tending to unintended pregnancy and its significant human and dollar expenses ought to be a need in each nation. The accessibility of solid contraception for all, paying little respect to age or capacity to pay, is a fundamental initial step. Ladies and teenagers expect access to age-fitting and socially delicate contraceptive medicinal services administrations, including crisis contraception. Access to protected, legitimate fetus removal administrations is important to affecting the amazing maternal death rates around the world.

Worried about the change in her plans

WAY OUT/What to do when you are pregnant without your intention:

  • Seek professional support and advice:

This is of utmost importance as it serves a means to be aware of the challenges, difficulties, joys, rewards, etc. without repercussions. It possibly guides against regret and provides the necessary information you need. You should note that even at times, things go wrong with arranged or expected pregnancies when professional advice is lacking not to mention unexpected or unwanted pregnancy.

  • Acknowledge the fact that you are about to go through a new-life style:

This is a stage that you should endeavor to acknowledge and sit tight for the most extraordinary feelings like emotions going from being exciting to confusing to being negative and perplexed would surface.

  • Be honest about your feelings:

Know about emotions that trigger genuine physical responses in you and give careful consideration to the ones you feel are presently valid and those which appear to be less essential.

  • Trust your instincts:

Attempt to set aside issues, for example, an occupation, training, and family assessments and follow what your instinct recommends.

  • Face your fears:

It is known that although we have roles to play, we can’t control all parts of our lives. However, as the boy scouts motto instructs, we should always be prepared for both the expected and the unexpected. Guard the door to your mind against negative thoughts and believe that you are strong enough to conquer your fear.

  • Visions and Aspirations:

We all, many at times, dream of our lives will and on how we can achieve the best during our lifetime. Don’t feel as if your visions and aspirations have come to an end, don’t be scared to dream more. Be determined instead to fulfill your dreams despite how demanding it appears.


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