Flame of Fame

Flame is the frame of fame. It can burn it, bore it, or born it. That which you framed can be in fame or in-flame.

What you resort to chase may not really be yours such that you may not even realise when you run past what is truly yours; running scatteringly like flames without guide as ‘The flames of a candle rising and falling, burning the candle down even though it shines light quite irregular.

When yoh set the track of your race in accordance with the paths of your purpose, you become as a touch, powered by a cell, illuminating possibly from your starting line till the end. Of course, this burns the cell but the illumination is dependable.

Should what you choose to frame then is the path of fame, can you withstand the flames that may burn you (end you completely), bore you (become meaningless at some point), born you (your fulfillment)?


Here is the flame of fame:

If you have struggled for it and do not struggle to do it, as a hot knife cuts through butter effortlessly, you are the Torch (powered by a cell). If you have struggled for it and struggling to do it, as a flamed wet clothe hardly burn, you are the candle.


The flame of fame is journeyed through the World’s best nation; imagination and as simple as it seems is hard as it is because you could have a stopover at the World’s worst nation: procrastination, the capital of Stagnation where you might not be opportuned to further your journey.

From the i definite date to someday to one day, the day comes when you must choose what to frame, to fame, to flame. That future is today. Don’t wait till it is too late to love, to learn, to live.




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